The Moldovan-American Society “MolDan Holding“ offers to the public and private medical facilities of the Republic of Moldova, a new Program for the construction of MRI, CT and X-Ray “turnkey solution” Centers, based on the construction of the modern modular buildings with the new and refurbished MRI systems. Company “MolDan” provides free of charge maintenance and repairs of all our MRI, CT and X-ray Centers.

This service will help the private and public medical facilities to save significant financial resources and reinvested it for their needs.

An excellent example of the new MRI Center is a facility, wе opened on September 29, 2019, at the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery “Diomid Gherman” in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

The Moldovan-American Society “MolDan Holding“ plans to build and rent out, over the next 5 years, another nine MRI centers, similar to the MRI center at INN.

In the Republic of Moldova, radiologists, prefer to work with the Siemens Magnetom MRI systems. These MRI systems are very efficient and safe.

Our first MRI Center at the INN has been equipped with the SIEMENS MAGNETOM TRIO 3T MRI system.

This MRI system offers a unique 3 Tesla platforms with some of the most effective MRI research protocols. Thanks to its performance and a rich set of advanced applications, the SIEMENS MAGNETOM TRIO 3T system has excellent magnet uniformity, linear-gradient, and an efficient duty cycle. SIEMENS MAGNETOM TRIO 3T has exceptional signal stability for the most advanced research applications, including a wide range of routine applications, 32 channels, uniformity (patient radius 60 cm, gradients: TQ motor (45 mT / m at 200 t / m / s), various receivers, including 32-channel head coils, a physiological monitoring unit (ECG, pulse oximeter, respiratory zone), a patient’s video monitor, various additional communication and stimulation systems, etc.

The Moldovan-American Society “MolDan Holding” implements this project in the Republic of Moldova, together with the Joint Venture Company “MolDan” and “MolDan Service”. The JV Company “MolDan” was established in 1992 as a Moldovan-Danish joint venture.

In 2003, the company was re-organized into the Moldovan-American joint venture. The second company involved in this project is MolDan Service, and it was also reorganized into Moldovan–American joint venture.

Both companies are supported by the Moldovan-American Society “MolDan Holding”.